About Flusher

Flusher is a Shopify App to clean out items with 0 inventory from your store.

The main use case is for a store with a large, fast moving inventory. For example, a book shop who goes through 3,000 to 5,000 books a week. Since Shopify plans have a limit on the number of SKUs, you have to manually clean out the old inventory.

Flusher aims to solve this problem, by allowing you to remove those products with one easy click.

Flusher can remove approximately 60 Products a minute. Feel free to give it a try. Demo mode allows you to flush up to 1000 products. You will need to register the App if you want to use it beyond that. Please view the page on Flusher pricing for more info in on that.

Flusher looks at inventory levels of all variants of a product. So if any of the variants still have inventory, Flusher won't touch that product.

If a product is set to "Don't track stock level", then by default Shopify will report it as having 1 item in inventory, so Flusher will leave it alone.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.